Not much yet as you can see as we’re still developing and designing stuff in the background. We’ll add new design elements, features, and content along the way. So stay tuned.

Whisky Reviews

Tasting Notes Templates

Over the last couple of years we’ve been tasting a lot of whisky’s and always tried to keep track of what we’ve been nosing, tasting, and rating as good as possible.

Doing so we came across some practical issues over time and that resulted in the development of our tasting notes template(s).

Today we’re at version 3, which incorporates the 4×25 rating method as well as more space for the cask and bottle details. There is now also a version with the color bar embedded. And finally – a version dedicated to BTC’s (or blind tasting competitions) is coming soon as well.

So why not give them a try – they are for free – and enjoy using them.