A beautifully designed A4 template to keep track of your whisky tasting notes.

Download #1

Available in several formats: with or without color bar (the later is b/w print friendly)…

Download #2

…and both as a festival-edition (folds perfectly in half) and a home-edition (extra comment field).

Download #3

Just give it a shot whilst enjoying your next dram or when visiting your next tasting/festival. Sláinte!

Download #4

Take notes of the whiskies you enjoy!

Whether you’ve just started to discover to wonderful world of whisky or when you’re already a more experienced whisky enthusiast – taking notes helps you to remember and compare them better.

Tasting notes templates

Over several years we’ve improved our whisky tasting notes templates to make them work for us and we hope they work for you too!

They provide a structured but simple format to register the whisky in your glass and to make notes of your findings with regards to the nose. taste, finish and the overall aroma’s.

Scores can be recorded on an overall basis (1-100) and/or with the 4×25 rating system (Nose | Taste | Finish | Balance).

For those who want to keep track of the whisky color… there is one version including the color bar from WhiskyMag and there is one version without it, so b/w print friendly, to allow you to register your own note.

Enjoy – slaithe!

Online tasting notes

Eventually we want to create a way to register your notes online as well… the ideas are there, the available time a bit less, so this is still work in progress.